AT&T prepaid

The AT&T Company was the subsidiary set up by the “bell company” to manage the long-distance phone service in the year 1885. The “American Telephone and Telegraph Company” is known as “AT&T” in short. AT&T was the only company that could provide service across the whole nation. 

At that time, AT&T was the only service provider that enable people to make a call out of the city. Over time, there was a lot of demand for AT&T. Due to the best-in-class services and plans, AT&T was considered the best service provider. The people liked the service quality of AT&T, and it is easy to afford the services of AT&T. 

There are a lot of AT&T prepaid plans available in the market for all users. Users can select the AT&T plan according to their preference and budget. The AT&T prepaid options available for the customers aren’t unlimited. So, the details provided here would help you to find the best AT&T prepaid plan according to the budget.

How to change AT&T prepaid Plan?

If you have an AT&T prepaid monthly plan, then make sure you don’t lose any remaining services of your current plan. So, for more updated plans and services or to change your current plan make changes before the plan gets expires.

  • Ensure that you are logged in to complete the procedure.
  • Now at the top of the page, select “Plans”.
  • After this, next to the rate plan that you’d like to change, select “Change to this plan”.
  • Then follow the instructions to change the plan.

Note: For all Multi-Line account users, the high-speed data allotment for the new plan, ranked on the number of days left in the Multi-Line term. We recommend changing the rate plans on the day before the plan is due to renew.

Steps to change the rate plan for a Multi-Line member from myAT&T

In case, if you are a Multi-Line account owner, then follow the steps to change a member line rate plan.

  • Select Multi-Line Discount, at the top of the page.
  • Now from the Multi-Line Discount Management page, select “Manage Lines” option.
  • Then select the down arrow at the top right of the member line box, if you wish to make the changes.
  • From there change rate plan.
  • Also, from there, you can see the current plan and also other available plans too.
  • Then select continue.
  • After this, confirmation of the plan change will appear on the screen.
Thus, these were the steps required to activate the AT&T prepaid plan. If there is any user who is not able to activate the plan, should take help from the AT&T experts.